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Reorders are possible by a minimum of 6 pairs by model and colour. These will be produced in Italy for you, and the order will have a delivery time between 4 and 5 weeks.

-    6 pairs by model and colour
-    Margin of 2.5.
-    Delivery time within 6 weeks
-    No shipping cost
-    Order by email to
Stock order

You can also order by pair (Stock order). This order by pair will be immediately available at a margin of 2.0.

-    < 6 pairs per model and color

-    Margin of 2.0
-    Available immediately  (max. 5 business days)
-    7 euro shipping fee (Europe)
-    Reorder via e-mail:
-    Returns and exchanges from the end consumer will not be taken back by Atelier Content.

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