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Moments by Content is a label designed by Nele Content, the driving force behind the shoe brand Atelier Content. In this collection, Nele presents you a modern wedding shoe: a shoe that completes your outfit and makes you look radiant.​

The wedding collection consists of carefully selected styles. It is elegant, timeless, and comfortable. The collection differentiates itself by a clean look and an impeccable comfortable feeling. You will not easily find this kind of wedding shoe in a market dominated by pearls, satin and stiletto heels. And most of all, after your wedding day, these shoes are the perfect choice for special moments.

​Moments by Content offers the best quality in a carefully crafted Belgian design. The shoes are manufactured in artisanal family-run workshops in De Marken, Italy, the birthplace of quality shoes. The materials have been carefully selected and the finishing of the products is meticulously checked. The quality and the portability on itself make it a sustainable product. Only perfection suffices. 


The retail price starts from 275 euro to 310 euro. (margin of 2.5)

You can also order by pair (Stock order). With this service you can still provide your brides with the shoe of their choice even when you are out of stock. This order by pair will instantly be available at a margin of 2.0.


Reorders at a margin of 2.5 is possible, but then we need a minimum order of 6 pairs by model and colour and the delivery time will be 5 or 6 weeks.

Here you can find more detailed information about our order policy.


Photo by Rebecca Carpenter

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*all wholesale prices are excl. VAT and all retail prices are incl. VAT                                                                            DOWNLOAD LINE SHEET HERE



Reorders are possible by a minimum of 6 pairs by model and colour. These will be produced in Italy for you, and the order will have a delivery time between 5 and 6 weeks.

-    6 pairs by model and colour
-    Margin of 2.5.
-    Delivery time within 6 weeks
-    No shipping cost
-    Order by email to
Stock order

You can also order by pair (Stock order). This order by pair will be immediately available at a margin of 2.0.

-    < 6 pairs per model and color
-    Margin of 2.0
-    Available immediately  (max. 5 business days)
-    7 euro shipping fee (Europe)
-    Reorder via e-mail:
-    Returns and exchanges from the end consumer will not be taken back by Atelier Content.

Feel free to contact us for more information or an appointment.

Sales: Stefanie Himpe
+ 32 (0)476 76 91 94

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